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NQuantify is a brand of Brain Dynamics S.L. This policy establishes regulatory elements and requirements for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability (AIC triad) of sensitive information and personal data by the company Brain Dynamics S.L. The information you provide will be processed by Brain dynamics S.L. in accordance with the data European Directive 95/46/EC on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data).

1. Use of cookies.

Some of our web pages use cookies and other tracking technologies. By proceeding to register with this website, you consent to the terms and conditions contained herein and to Brain dynamics S.L.

2. User’s data protection

User’s data protection relates solely to the information provided by you as a customer or web user to Brain Dynamics S.L. on this website. Some parts of the website may be accessible only prior user’s registration and mediated by a user account protected by password. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for protecting your password. The information required by the company may include your registration details, any additional information you choose to submit and the information Brain dynamics S.L. gathers by tracking your movements across the website. Personal data from the user will not be transferred to government bodies or public authorities except in order to comply with mandatory national legislation or if the transfer of such data should be necessary in order to take legal action in cases of fraudulent access to our network infrastructure. Personal data from the user will not be transferred to third parties for any other purpose. You agree to indemnify and to keep Brain dynamics S.L. indemnified from and against any costs, claims, demands, expenses and liabilities suffered by Brain dynamics S.L. arising from or which is directly or indirectly related to your access to and/or use of the website and/or any other person or entity's use of the website where such person or entity was able to access the website using your password. For the use of NQuantify data platform and the treatment of sensitive data from clinical trials and research projects, please read specific policy terms for the NQuantify data platform and point 3 of this document.

3. Protection of sensitive data included in the information of clinical trials and research projects.

The information provided by you to perform the study is susceptible to contain clinical data and personal data from individuals involved in a clinical study, as well as confidential information of the study. This point relates to the data policy applied to this type of data and its correspond with the information that customer, his subsidiaries and any other party involved in the study provide to Brain dynamics to carry out the study. 3.1. Brain Dynamics S.L establishes its NQuantify data platform as the secure protocol for the process of data submission to carry out the service. Brain Dynamics S.L establishes that the provision of clinical data via NQuantify data platform will occur according security standards of secure data transfer to guaranty personal data protection according to European Directive 95/46/EC regulation. According with the above mentioned directive, sensitive data is any clinical data derived from clinical trials and any basic or applied research involving human data that may allow subject identification. When introducing data in our system, data are treated according anonymisation procedures. Therefore, no personal information such as name or surnames, is included in our system. 3.2. Other information related to age, sex, disease degree and any other research/related information may be included data system and further analysis prior an explicitly specification in a written contract between Brain Dynamics S.L and the customer. 3.3. Brain dynamics will accept data, and will guarantee secure protocol for these data through its NQuantify data platform. 3.4 The customer may ask for alternative systems to the NQuantify data platform. In any case the use of any other electronic or physical system may affect or introduce weak points in the security protocols. Protocol’s modification required by the customer have to be specified in a written agreement between Brain dynamics and the customer. Brain Dynamics S.L. disclaims any responsibility of the consequences the violation of subject’s confidentiality and data protection derived from any protocol change without previous written information by the customer and further acceptance of Brain dynamics S.L. Brain dynamics disclaims any the legal responsibility derived from any in derived from bad practices in the use of the methodology, provided by the company to either by the customer, his subsidiaries or any third party involved in the study. 3.5. Confidentiality is also extended to any sensitive information related to the clinical design provided by the customer with the purpose of carrying out the service. The channel of information transmission will be exclusively by NQuantify data platform. Any other way of transmission, either physical or electronic, will also be specified between the parts in a written contract prior initialisation of the service. 3.6. The customer understands that NQuantify DOES NOT GUARANTEE ERROR-FREE OR COMPLETELY SECURE SYSTEM THAT MAY PREVENT ANY CURRENT OR FUTURE TYPE OF CYBER ATTACK. Although we incorporate the security procedures according legislation, we do not ask for sensitive information for data imaging processing purposes. Brain dynamics disclaims any responsibility of any intentional use and/or manipulation of the image data files or any other type of file by the customer or his subsidiaries that may include personal information hidden for the anonymization protocol. 3.7. Any confidential information provided to Brain Dynamics by any non-specified channel -oral, physical or electronic- by this policy and/or specified by a written agreement is at the sole risk of the customer.

4. Use of third parties services.

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5. Acceptance, validity and modification of data protection conditions

By using our website, you implicitly agree to accept the use of your personal and service-related data as specified above. This present statement of data protection conditions came into effect on July 1st, 2016. Brain Dynamics S.L. reserves the right to modify its data protection conditions at any time, with effect as of a future date. We recommend that you re-read the latest version from time to time.

6. How to contac us

Questions about NQuantify and/or NQuantify services should be addressed to: Brain Dynamics S.L. Edificio de Bioinnovación. c/ Severo Ochoa, nº34 Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía 29590, Campanillas, Málaga. Support admin@brain-dynamics.es

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